Crypto exchange licensing

Get expert support for each step of the crypto exchange licensing process.

Services that relate to crypto-assets are increasingly regulated, in a similar manner to financial institutions. Crypto-asset service providers (CASPs), such as crypto exchanges and brokers, require the right regulatory framework to operate successfully. At BCAS, we specialise in guiding crypto-asset service providers with licensing.

Navigate the licensing process

Expert support at every stage

Let us help you manage the licensing process. We help you at every step, including:

  • Assessment
  • Documentation
  • Preparation of application
  • Submission of application
  • Communicating with authorities
  • Preparatory work for operations
  • In-principal approval and final license
Years of experience
Managing licensing and registration
Advanced knowledge
Of upcoming MiCA regulation and EU/EEA frameworks
Regulatory authorities
We assist in constructive dialogue

Choose the right jurisdiction

Support with regulated jurisdictions

The licensing process varies depending on the jurisdiction. When choosing the right one for your needs, we consider factors such as business viability, operational set-ups, and cooperation with competent authorities.

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you acquire CASP licenses to operate within the EU, both at a national level as well as in preparation for MiCA.

Get legal certainty

Extensive knowledge of CASPs

While CASPs are sufficiently similar to financial institutions in nature, crypto-assets are fundamentally different from financial instruments. This warrants both a different approach and intimate knowledge of CASPs' business models. Especially when it comes to operating under an extensive framework like MiCA.

With this knowledge, we help you work with and improve your process in the framework you currently operate under, and also future-proof your business.