Crypto token audit

Get complete reassurance. Our comprehensive audit highlights the legal risks of projects and potential liabilities for team members.

Regulators worldwide have closed in on the lack of regulation of centralised crypto service providers. This also affects DeFi protocols and dApps that operate under the pretense of decentralisation. Many self-described DAOs are neither decentralised nor autonomous, with many suffering from various centralisation-related issues. We’ll help you overcome them.

A complete audit service

The insights you need to make the right decisions

We conduct an audit of your project and people that is tailored to your needs. In your audit, our experts will review:

  • Your operations
  • User-related documents
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • Relevant legal agreements with structural
    partnered entities or platforms
  • Legal structures in place
  • Tokenomics and their impact on effective governance
  • Relevant DAO proposals
  • Prevalent trends and voting patterns
  • Risk of team members in their personal capacity, and residual risk
  • Processes for listing and delisting of tokens from the UI

Tailored to your needs

Customised audits for your project demands

We tailor our audits to the needs of your business.
Our team considers factors such as:

  • The level of decentralisation of your project
  • Incumbent legal risks
  • Potential liabilities relating to your team members

Audit report and recommendations

Expert advice based on your data

After your audit, we put together a detailed sectoral analysis with ascending risk scores. This makes it easy to understand the results.

Our team also includes recommendations, with on-hand assistance available. You’ll gain specific legal and regulatory knowledge and move closer to decentralisation.