Liechtenstein is a primary option for those looking to set up regulated business activities in an EEA jurisdiction. Discover how we can support you with Liechtenstein’s crypto regulations.

Liechtenstein is a blockchain and cryptocurrency hub thanks to its stable political climate, easy access to banking, and one of the most advanced blockchain and crypto regulatory frameworks.

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Licensing We’ll support you with licensing under Liechtenstein’s Token and TT Service Provider Act (TVTG). Our team will help you prepare documents and policies, as well as dialogue with the financial market authority (FMA).
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Token legal opinion Over the past three years, we’ve drafted hundreds of legal analyses on various kinds of crypto tokens. We also support major international crypto exchanges and their listing departments with technical and legal know-how.
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Regulatory advisory Get a competitive advantage for your crypto business, obtained through Liechtenstein’s legislative framework and our advisory services.

About Liechtenstein

A small country, with big prospects

Liechtenstein has a liberal economic policy that welcomes innovators and entrepreneurs. The manageable size of the country enables short decision-making channels, creating a dynamic and accessible jurisdiction.

This is reflected in Liechtenstein’s labour and company laws. The nation encourages technology neutrality and innovation with the Token and TT Service Provider (TVTG) act.

This act, also known as the Blockchain Act, regulates token issuers and service providers, setting higher standards in the crypto industry by not only regulating it, but also enabling a holistic legal framework.

Additionally the Financial Market Authority (FMA) has an internal competence team called The Regulatory Laboratory. This team deals with regulation and innovation in the field of financial technologies.

Lastly, Liechtenstein has a fair and straightforward tax system, where the income tax rate for companies is 12.5%. There is no capital or coupon tax.

BCAS and Liechtenstein

A principality full of possibilities

Our established presence and experience in Liechtenstein mean we’re well-placed to assist you with a full spectrum of services. BCAS can help you start your TT service provider business, issue your tokens, and more:

  • Set up a legal entity in Liechtenstein
  • Draft legal analyses concerning your business model or classifications of tokens
  • Submit subordination inquiries to the FMA
  • Draft basic information about the token to be issued
  • Submit registration application or notice issuance to the FMA