Malta lets you operate under. a mature and well-defined legislative framework. Discover how we can help your business navigate Malta’s cryptocurrency regulations.

Malta has quickly established its reputation as a regulatory stronghold within the European Union, enacting the first comprehensive legal framework for crypto-asset service providers, and setting up the first regulatory authority that certifies DLT-based technology arrangements.

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VFA licensing BCAS is a virtual financial assets (VFA) agent licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Our licensing services support your team every step of the way, from document preparation to dialogue with authorities. So you can achieve tangible results for your crypto business.
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Token classification reports Our team specialises in token classification according to the laws of Malta and the VFA framework. We support the listing departments of major international crypto exchanges with our technical and legal know-how, including financial instrument tests and token classification reports.
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Regulatory advisory Gain a competitive advantage through Malta’s legislative framework and our advisory services. Our trusted, experienced team can help you understand the regulatory framework.

About Malta

An island of opportunity for crypto

Malta was one of the first countries in the world to introduce a solid legislative framework for operators in the crypto sector, such as exchanges, custodians, brokers, and payment processors.

The VFA framework offers four license classes allowing CASPs to operate with regulatory and legal certainty. And the world's leading crypto exchanges, such as, OkCoin, and Gate, have obtained their VFA in Malta.

Malta enjoys a stable political climate with accredited economic growth. It’s also part of the commonwealth and EU, making it a perfect platform for trade and free movement.

From direct government support to attractive tax incentives, Malta is one of the leading jurisdictions for business ventures to thrive.

Not only does it guarantee safety and stability, but it also supports the growth and emancipation of your business.

BCAS and Malta

We’re part of Malta’s crypto ecosystem

At BCAS, we’re proud to have supported the creation and development of the VFA framework since its inception in Malta.

As an MFSA-authorised VFA agent, we offer services to leading international crypto firms who’ve decided to establish a presence in the country. BCAS also supports the VFA Forum, a meeting point between the various stakeholders of the crypto community on the island.