Token legal opinions

Get trusted, conclusive analysis of crypto assets with our token legal classifications – all powered by our legal-tech approach.

Tokens have evolved in their use cases and applications. You need a degree of regulatory due diligence whenever issuing or offering tokens, or providing services in relation to them. We help businesses manage the regulatory framework in play and make legal and technical assessments with our trusted token legal opinions, providing expertise and peace of mind.

Manage complex documentation

Legal tech, not legal only

With experienced in-house legal & technical departments, BCAS goes beyond the legal trappings of token assessments.

We know that technical documentation has become increasingly complex to analyse due to decentralised governance and contributions. That’s why we manage it for you.

300+ assessments
Handled for leading crypto exchanges
First firm to assess DeFi
BCAS was one of the first to break new ground
International work
Experienced in multiple jurisdictions across the globe

Maintain legal diligence

One classification, multiple purposes

Token legal opinions are useful when dealing with myriad instances. For example, primary token issuances & offerings, seeking admission to trading on crypto exchanges, enlisting the services of market makers, and approaching VCs for funding.
It’s seen as one criterion separating diligent industry stakeholders from the rest.

Communicate with authorities

A collaborative approach

If your crypto-assets require novel legal argumentation, our lines of reasoning are iron-clad to an extent that they have passed scrutiny by various regulatory authorities, setting important precedents for similar tokens to be treated in like manner.

Get counsel sign‑off

An international network of experts

An international industry requires an international approach. We offer token regulatory opinions across multiple jurisdictions.
Our work is signed off by competent counsel admitted to the bar in the relevant jurisdiction, carefully handpicked by BCAS in order to maintain the high standard of work that we’re renowned for.